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They’re Calling the Men because Something is Wrong!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the sawmill whistle woke me in the middle of one night.  At first I heard it in my mind, like a dream.  But then I woke, or Mom woke me.  The whistle kept blowing and blowing, and Dad rushed out of the house to see if he could help.  Mom, Dave (my younger brother), and I could see orange flames against the night sky, shooting high above the tree tops.  The rest is a vague memory, so I asked Mom and Dad about it.

Mom (a native of Jachin):  “When we woke in the middle of the night, I said, ‘They’re calling the men because something is wrong!.”
“Your dad said, ‘It probably just went off [by accident].”

“I repeated, ‘No.  They’re calling the men because something is wrong!’

Dad:  “It was about midnight when the sawmill whistle started going off.  I thought, ‘Surely it’s not 6:00.”  That’s when the steam whistle usually went off—6 a.m.   It was a steam whistle, like the ones on steam boats, operated by steam power.  The mill, itself, was steam-powered.  It had a huge fly-wheel that kept it in perpetual motion.”

“Basically, I watched like everybody else because there was nothing we could do.  The fire was too big.  There were about 75-100 people standing around, watching the fire.  There were a half-a-dozen fire vehicles.  It was the sawdust house that caught on fire.

“The mill had a separate shed that housed the lumber.  The fire fighters soaked it to keep it from catching on fire.  Oil to keep the machinery working fueled the inferno.  There was a 200-gallon propane tank with a pop-off valve that was nearby.  The propane was used for various things but not to run the mill.  “The propane tank kept going off when the pressure built up, making a sound like a cannon.  Boom!

“With sirens going off, police cars, fire trucks…it was very loud.  You hate it for the folks.  Men put out of work.  Loss of money.  But saw mills are easy to catch on fire.”

We were no Kennedys…nor Rockefellers, for that matter.

In the last few days of 1847, the Alabama State Legislature formed the county where I was born, Choctaw County.  According to the 1850 census, Choctaw County had a population of 8,000. My maternal ancestors were part of that population of early settlers. Prior to this, they lived in Mt. Sterling, KY… named after Sterling,… Continue Reading

The Day I hugged Lawrence Welk

  When the Lawrence Welk Show was on prime-time telly, I don’t think we missed a show. Mom and Dad would sit in their recliners, and brother Ben and I  would throw our sleeping bags in front of the t.v. to watch. It was one of my favorite programs. The music was beautiful, as were the… Continue Reading

…and there is gold!

Genesis 2:8-15 tells us a little bit about the geography of the first human’s garden home.  It was a beautiful place with lush trees that were good for food, and there was gold! The Bible goes on to describe three rivers that flowed and watered the Garden of Eden:  the Pison, the Gihon, and the… Continue Reading

Run for your lives! Invasion by lamium amplexicaules!

Run for your lives, everyone!  Lamium amplexicaules have landed and planted their off-springs all over our yards!  Their purple antennas are peeking up from the ground, ready to eliminate us all with their illudium Q-36 explosive space modulators. But where’s the “kaboom!”?  There should have been a “kaboom!” Actually, no worries, everyone.  What you’re seeing… Continue Reading

All about Jachin, Alabama

My name is Stephanie L. Robertson, and this is my story.  I’ve had to embellish a little bit here and change some names there.  There are so many lawyers back where I used to live, that it’s likely that I’d get sued if I named names.  My stories are of mostly history that I lived or tales… Continue Reading

Beware the ides of March!

In Act 1, Scene 2 of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, a soothsayer approaches Caesar in a crowded, public place…And utters those prophetic words:  Beware the ides of March.  As a big fan of Shakespeare, I post those words on Facebook every year.  I nearly forgot this year, but my friend Karen reminded me. I haven’t read… Continue Reading

On the Blog Track and Floundering

You know, for a long time I have realized that I need to blog if I really want to be serious about freelance writing.  Problem is, I haven’t known what to do to find that elusive niche that will propel a blog into cyberspace likeability. I’ve polled Facebook friends.  I’ve searched the ‘net.  All in… Continue Reading


I already have found a typo, and I only had my blog published 10 minutes.  Oh, well.  Maybe I can research editing publishing blogs.  I’m tired now, after spending about 2 hours on WordPress.  Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Wish me good writing, Stephanie Continue Reading