All about Jachin, Alabama

My name is Stephanie L. Robertson, and this is my story.  I’ve had to embellish a little bit here and change some names there.  There are so many lawyers back where I used to live, that it’s likely that I’d get sued if I named names.  My stories are of mostly history that I lived or tales that I’ve been told over the years.

I am Stephanie from Jachin, AL.  Jachin isn’t a township nor is it probably even there anymore.  But it used to be on the Alabama state map, where it set there like a ghost with its own stories hidden beneath that vermillion Alabama clay.

The stories about Jachin, and even life in rural Alabama, are jumping up like bullfrogs and just begging to be told.  I’ve got stories to tell about Aunt Dossie, Miss Idella and Mr. Vern.  About the brown pond and about The Store – especially about The Store – and about acres upon acres of pastures and pine trees.  The stories are about Lick Skillet and Shoot, Canterbury and Big Darth.  I tell about floating down the creek in a galvanized tub that was used as a feed bucket for the ponies and horses.  It’s about a nighttime so pure that you couldn’t count the stars if you lived for a thousand years.

It’s about growing up in a place so rural that you had to drive an hour to Meridian, Mississippi to find the closest McDonald’s hamburger.  If you wanted Walmart, well, that was an hour’s drive to Livingston, AL in a different direction.

I hope you enjoy the stories.

– Stephanie

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