Run for your lives! Invasion by lamium amplexicaules!

Run for your lives, everyone!  Lamium amplexicaules have landed and planted their off-springs all over our yards!  Their purple antennas are peeking up from the ground, ready to eliminate us all with their illudium Q-36 explosive space modulators.

But where’s the “kaboom!”?  There should have been a “kaboom!”

Actually, no worries, everyone.  What you’re seeing is a fresh crop of henbit.  AKA, lamium amplexicaules, according to Virginia Tech’s online weed identification guide.

When I was a girl, henbit grew profusively all over my grandfather’s yard.  I would gather bunches of them to take to Gramma and Mom.  I thought they were so beautiful, with their bright colors and velvety buds.

I’m not the only one who thought this, for my own little Princess Buttercup recently brought me a bouquet of them and put them on our table as a centerpiece.  On the other hand, Lefty and I went to Wally and bought two bags of weed killer to spread around the yard. 


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