Mad Morning Dash and a School Play

Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

Today, I’m in a mad dash. I’ve got an editing deadline for the 25th, and Princess Buttercup’s class is putting on a school play at noon, today. You know that commercial where the little girl comes into the kitchen, hair mussed, and she’s still in her little jammies? You know, the one where she then says that she’s got to dress up like Martin van Buren? What follows is that the mom is in a scramble to get the child’s costume together.

Yeah, my life, too.

Well, that’s what this morning has been like…kinda. But it’s not all Buttercup’s fault. She did tell me, yesterday, that she needed clean jeans and a western shirt. First of all, our dryer isn’t working, so I had to hang-dry the blue jeans. And don’t tell Buttercup, but this morning I found the shirt at Wal-mart, in the boys’ section. (Shhhh. She wouldn’t like the fact that it’s a boy’s shirt!) It is a white, button-down oxford shirt. It should do, right?

I’m taking a break in my editing work to write my blog. Also, to take a shower, dress, put on makeup, get my cameras together… I’m not doing this all at once, though. We aren’t fancy enough, in the Robertson household, to have a pc in the shower. haha! I will try to have it all together tomorrow.

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