Where’s the sunshine?

Princess Buttercup's Birthday Invitation...Also find it on Pinterest!
Princess Buttercup’s Birthday Invitation…Also find it on Pinterest!

Some time before I was born, the Fifth Dimension cut a medley that they called “The Age of Aquarious/Let the Sunshine In.”  I really like their rendition and the emotion that they pour into the piece.

I’m really feeling the song, today.  I am ready for the sunshine.  Our yard is like a wet sponge, sopping with rain water.  We’re supposed to have more rain/thunderstorms tonight.

Today I’m sharing one of Princess Buttercup’s birthday invitations that I made.  I took a flip-flop, traced it onto some hula-esque paper, and cut it out.  I found some ribbon that I had tucked away in my craft closet, and I cut out the straps.  I taped them on.  Now, all I have to do is print out the details of the party and tape it onto the flip-flop.  Easy-peasey.

I hope you enjoy it, and remember that summer is coming soon…bringing all that sunshine.

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