Relaxing in Tennessee

One of the sunny meadows.
One of the sunny meadows.
We had a super-fun weekend for Mother’s Day. We took our two dogs, Samson and Snuggles, and headed up to my parents’ cabin in Tennessee. It’s not a fancy cabin like the ones in Gatlinburg, but it is just right for us to take a retreat from the hassles of daily life. Mom calls the place “the Highlands.” The Highlands is in a hollow (or a ‘holler’, if you prefer) and is set beside a babbling creek. Once you cross the creek, there is a sunny meadow. Then there’s the climb all the way to the top of the mountain. It’s probably more of an Appalachian foothill but still, quite an ascent.

Although my parents don’t have their farm in Gihon Springs anymore, we still are able to enjoy 60 acres of woods and meadow to play in. Just like back home, Dad allows the grass to grow as tall as four feet tall so that it can be cut for hay. The grasses are a tapestry of wild flowers, fescue, and just plain weeds.

On Saturday, Lefty and Princess Buttercup took his dad’s four-wheeler out and drove all over the place. Apparently, Lefty also let PB take a swim in the creek, which was swollen from the spring rains!

Meanwhile, I took my trusty camera and went exploring. I went down the road and shot pictures of barns and whatever else caught my eye. I parked the truck at the side of one little rural road and got out to take a picture of a barn.

Before I knew what was what, the cows started calling to me and coming toward me. “Moooooo-mooooo! Feed me! Feed me!” They all gathered at the corner of their fence, lowing at me, hungrily.

“Sorry cows,” I called back to them, “No food, here.”

I got back into the truck and took off. I wasn’t afraid of the cows….I just didn’t want their owner coming and yelling, “Stop messin’ with my cows!”

Further on my jaunt, I found a nice, little church for us to attend the next day.

Then I made my way to Lynchburg, TN. Very interesting place. Nice, friendly people. I’ll have to write about it on another day.

When I woke up on Mother’s Day, Princess Buttercup gave me my own personal bouquet of crimson clover, Queen Anne’s lace, and (of course) bright yellow buttercups.

I’m going to post my other pictures, but I’ve got to figure out how to get new stuff into my “Just Steph” page. (Please stand by for that.)

Samson and Snuggles have a blast at the Highlands.
Samson and Snuggles have a blast at the cabin.
Samson loves the water.  Snuggles...not so much.
Samson loves the water. Snuggles…not so much.
Hoping clouds will break through and we'll have some sunshine.
Hoping clouds will break through and we’ll have some sunshine.


Blue sky over the Highlands.
Blue sky over the Highlands.

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