National Luau Month

Here is a picture of Maylay.  As you can see, she was very loved and played with!
My daughter told me that May is National Luau Month. I think she got her information from the Oriental Trading Company catalog, because that is what she wants the theme of her birthday to be. Well, of course, that’s fine. I’ll going to post some more about so just click on my “Just Steph” tab on this page. We’ll see if it works!

So when I was a child, growing up in rural south Alabama, Papa’s sister and brother-in-law lived nearby. That would be Aunt Dossie and Uncle Gee. They had two grown Navy sons who lived all over the world with their families. One of the sons, Cousin Bill with his firy red hair, lived with his family in Hawaii. Or “H-wah-yah,” according to Aunt Dossie.

I think Cousin Bill must have been in between tours, because the whole family came to stay with Aunt Dossie and Uncle Gee for a long visit. I’ll never forget how exciting that was. I remember watching them from our kitchen window, walking up Gramma and Papa’s driveway to visit them, first.

“Please let me go,” I begged Mom, “Please!” I could hardly stand it because Cousin Bill had two beautiful red-headed children who were my age.

“Just wait,” she said, patiently. I’m sure that she didn’t want to cut in on my grandparents’ visit.

Then they were there, knocking on our front door.

Mayhem broke loose.

Hugs and kisses flew and children were all over the place. It was great!!

They brought me the most beautiful Hawaiian doll named “Maylay.” She had beautiful dark skin, hair black as tar, and a lei around her neck. They brought me a humongous coloring book that told me all about Hawaii and King Kamehameha. It had children dressed in grass skirts and more flowers that I had crayons to color them with. I wish that I still had that coloring book so that I could show Princess Buttercup. I dearly loved to color…and still do!

For that experience in culture, I’ll always be grateful to Cousin Bill and his fun family.

I’m enclosing a picture of Maylay. Her pretty hair is standing up straight. As you can see, she was very loved and played with!

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  1. I am waiting with baited breath to see the pictue of your cousin Malay and all her pretty red hair but can not find the picture. Help!
    Love your blog.

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