The Fugitive

Hi, Everyone,

I don’t really have time to blog this morning. Samson is still getting out of the fence! See, last Friday I pounded stakes until I was worn out. I thought that would deter the dog.

Yesterday afternoon, my family and I got back from an overnight trip to find garbage scattered everywhere. We thought that a neighborhood dog had done it. Then we looked at where Lefty’s truck was parked, and there was Samson. He was under the truck, smiling and panting. Uh-oh. We thought that he had been hurt b/c he was slow crawling out. But he was fine. Bad dog! Very bad dog! He had to go in his crate while we went to church last night. He had to go back in at bedtime. We let him out this morning until Princess Buttercup yelled, “Mommy, Samson is out!!!”

I put him back in the fence and walked into my neighbor’s yard so that I could see where he was getting out. Sure enough, he dug and wiggled out where I didn’t stake.

So into the crate he went. As soon as I finish breakfast, I’m going out to stake some more.

We’re getting desperate since we live so close to the road.

Any suggestions???

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  1. Maybe Sampson needs more exercise? I’m too tired for any kind of property destruction after an hour of running around the dog park, hiking a trail or playing with Lita. We have some kind of activity every other day to keep me pooped out.

  2. Poor you. Maybe some sort of slow release treat – things hidden in the garden. Spread his dinner far and wide before you leave him. Dogs have good memories (for some things!) so he may keep on doing it unless tired/distracted 🙂

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