Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, an Amish Roadtrip, and Summer Fun

Dear Readers,

Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday. I had my highest readership so far at 103!
Lefty and I had a great time celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. He came home from work really tired. So I suddenly had a great idea. I asked him if he would like to go to a nice, romantic restaurant instead of going to eat appetizers and see “Oz, the Great and Powerful.” He said that it would be fine. (We can see Oz later.)

So I quickly made online reservations to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse downtown. We’ve never eaten there before, and I’ve heard so much about it. So I kept the restaurant a secret and kidnapped him to an undisclosed location. He’s a steak and potatoes kind of guy, so he was very pleased. We had chocolate cake and creme brulee for dessert. Yum!

Quick shout out to Ruth’s Chris: The food was amazing, and they treated us like royalty. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more like I had servants as last night. Great job, guys!

Meanwhile, Princess Buttercup stayed with my parents. Thanks Mom and Dad! They took her on a day trip to Eldridge, Tennessee to see the Amish. This morning, Buttercup was all a-talk about her trip. She even met a sweet, little pen-pal there. She brought me back some Amish peanuts. “Straight from the farm,” she declared. Mmm. They were really yummy and fresher than what you can buy at the grocery store.

Reminds me of when I was a girl growing up in rural south Alabama. Mrs. Trask, our childhood babysitter, had a big garden. I remember her pulling up dusty peanut plants and dozens of peanuts in their hulls would be clinging to the ends of the roots.

It also reminds me of the many pen-pals that I had when I was growing up. I met most of them at summer camp.

Well, I’ve got to go and do house work and run errands. Maybe I can find the time to find some pictures to post, later.

I probably won’t be posting next week, because we’ve got such a busy week of summer fun planned.

I’ll really miss you all!

Love, Stephanie

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