The Price of Eggs in 1981

School picture.  I don't think Mom bought this one b/c it isn't one of my best pictures.
School picture.

In 1981, the cost of eggs was $.69 a dozen, a gallon of Clorox bleach was $.73, and the sale price of a 2 liter coke was $.98.

On Friday nights, more than 55 million viewers were watching the cult phenomenon, “Dallas,” according to A.C. Nielson numbers.

I learned all of this from an April 29, 1981 microfiche of the “Huntsville Times.”

But the price of eggs was of no consequence to me, a young girl growing up in rural south Alabama. If we needed eggs, I would be sent up to the store, take some out of the cold box, and leave the store without paying any more than a friendly chat with whoever was working in the store at the time…since my parents owned the small market.

And I certainly wasn’t sitting around watching “Dallas.” Neither were my parents included in the Nielson numbers. The show was diametrically opposed to the values that we lived by. Therefore, verboten. Friday nights were for playing outside and later playing in the stands at our school’s football games, when we were much older.

So today I’m including a picture of me during this time period. I think this is a proof that Mom didn’t buy because the photographer caught me in between a fake smile and the start of a giggle. Not one of my finest pictures. I also have a clipping of a lock of my hair that I had trimmed and tucked into my scrapbook.

Blonde locks.
Blonde locks.

I plan to be writing some more this week, but it is just so hard to get back into the swing of things after being on vacation!

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