8-track Player with Princess Leia Earphones.

Yesterday I was having fun with the microfiche machine at my local library, and this is what I learned:

Forty years ago, there was a critical oil shortage in the U.S.

Tuberculosis was considered to be Alabama’s “greatest health problem” (according to Rep. Bill Roberts of Mobile.)

And you could buy a very nice 8-track player-record changer with two speakers, earphones (the big, Princess Leia-hair-looking earphones), and a cart to hold it all…for $169.95 from Pizitz.

Below a different ad (that asks, “Worried about false teeth coming loose?”) is a small blurb about San Fran’s most famous jogger, Larry Lewis. Mr. Lewis celebrated his 106th birthday with his daily six-mile jog. He also received a congratulatory scroll from Mayor Joseph Alioto.

I guess it was a lot less expensive to jog than to use gas, which could be bought at 44.9 cents a gallon. Extraordinary! One would be advised to think twice before buying a fancy 8-track stero and cart when paying such outlandish prices in fuel in 1973.

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