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Just got Home!

Hi Dear Readers!

I just got home from working as a counselor at a camp and then going to the beach.  I look forward to getting back in the swing of blogging again as soon as I rest up!



Crazy Times at Camp Maywood

Every year about this time, Mom and Dad would load up Ben and me and drive us to Hamilton, Alabama so that we could attend Maywood Christian Camp. It was one of the best parts of every summer from the time that I was ten until I was 16. A close friend who went to… Continue Reading

Creep at the Creek

I’ve got another creek story for you guys. This one is scary, though, especially from the point-of-view of my grown-up, mom eyes. When I was growing up in rural south Alabama, our pasture was about a mile from the Gihon Springs community. We would ride our bikes from our house, a little way down Papa… Continue Reading

Still Hyped Up from VBS

We just got finished with VBS last night. The entire church building was decorated like the interior of a medieval castle, in keeping with the theme: The Keys to the Kingdom (of God). There were skits, arts and crafts, snacks, and Bible lessons for the kids. I remember VBS when I was growing up. I… Continue Reading

A Ride in a Glass Bottom Boat

Do the pictures in this post bring back memories to any of you? If so, then you’ve taken a ride in a glass bottom boat at Silver Springs, Florida. I found this old picture in one of Gramma Findley’s albums. It was taken around 1973. When Gramma and Papa Findley retired from the store, they… Continue Reading

She So Desperately Wants a Baby

Today’s blog is a little bit different than my others, and you will soon see why… When I was a child, I sometimes overheard adults talking about wanting a baby. I didn’t understand why a lady would cry in despair as she waited out the adoption process. When the adoption finally came through, and a… Continue Reading

Frog, Dog, and a Blog

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!  We Robertsons are stuffed with hamburgers, cake, brownies, and homemade ice cream.  Homemade ice cream was always a 4th of July staple for me when I was growing up.  I only like vanilla.  I never have liked fruit in homemade ice cream. Well, here is… Continue Reading