She So Desperately Wants a Baby

Me at 6 months.
Me at 6 months.
Today’s blog is a little bit different than my others, and you will soon see why…

When I was a child, I sometimes overheard adults talking about wanting a baby. I didn’t understand why a lady would cry in despair as she waited out the adoption process. When the adoption finally came through, and a child or baby was brought to the family’s home, I would be excited. A new playmate!

As an adult, I have an idea of what a woman must be going through as she has to deal with an adoption. But I only have an inkling. I really don’t know, of course, how she feels.

I do know that the wheels of the process grind so slowly.

I’ve got a dear friend who is going through this right now. According to her, the adoption agency calls her and her husband and asks for permission to send their profile to an expectant mother. The mother will read the profile, along with the profile of other candidates.

She will then select the parent from those profiles.

My friend and her husband are open to a private adoption, as well.

That’s why I’m sending you all a cyber-plea on their behalf. I’ve known my friend for over 20 years. She is a pre-school teacher at a local church. Her husband is an engineer. They like things like hiking and traveling. They would be able to provide the child with so much.

If you know of a lady who cannot keep her baby for any reason, please let me know.
You would make a very sweet couple so very happy.

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  1. Stephanie, my friend went through the same process. Fast forward, her daughter is now 12 🙂 in between, they had 2 adoptions fall through – it was tough on their family. Sad thing is, there are so many WONDERFUL people out there that would make FABULOUS parents. ~maria

    • I’m so happy that she has a lovely 12-y-old! I remember a family at church who had us to pray that the birth mom of their son wouldn’t change her mind. I think their son is now about 12 or 13, living with those terrific parents. You’re right, there are so many wonderful parents-in-waiting. Thx so much for your reply, Maria!

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