The Dingle-berry’s Guide to a Yard Sale Cost Profit Analysis


I’ve never claimed to be good in mathematics. I’m doing good just to know my multiplication facts.


Just the same, you would think I would be able to count up my profits from Saturday’s yard sale and figure out what I made versus the time worked and cost of advertising.

But I bungled that effort.

See, I had plenty of quarters to make change. Plenty of dimes, nickels, pennies. I had about $5 or $10 in dollar bills. $34 worth of small change to start with.

I just didn’t think that people would be wanting me to make change in return for a $50. For something that cost 75 cents.

My fault.

So when this happened more than once, I had to dash back into the house to find whatever $5’s or $10’s that I had on hand. I was in such a hurry to get back to the customers that I didn’t think. And I completely lost track of how much I brought out from inside.


“So how much did you end up making?” Lefty asked me Saturday night, when I was counting my money.

I felt my face flush.

I'm sooooooo confused.
I’m sooooooo confused.
“Um…I don’t know, exactly. Maybe anywhere from $25 to $50?”

Lefty looked confused, but I did, too. Perhaps I did end up with $50, which isn’t that bad for a small yard sale. I got our house rid of some of the excess clutter, but Mom had given me some clothes to sell, too.

If you take what you earn at a yard sale, it can be very disheartening, considering American minimum wage.

I’m not so sure that one can look at it like that, though.

Doing a yard sale has intangible rewards. Like getting to meet other people. I got to pass out cards that advertised my blog. Princess Buttercup got to learn about free enterprise with her very successful lemonade stand.

Will I ever do another yard sale again?


But next time I’ll have enough change.



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  1. Oh I know that game!!!! All $20 and $50 bills for items that cost under $1. Been there! I think you should go for the higher profit—-I am sure that is the correct answer. And the best news—you have less stuff to bring back in the house!

  2. Oh, funny! I can relate to such mathematical troubles as yours. You are brave to have a garage sale – I have never done one on my own, though I’ve been involved with group ones. I’m glad it sounds like a good experience over all!!

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