Nothing but Pine Trees and Lawyers, as Far as the Eye Can See


If you drive southwest of Tuscaloosa on I-29, you won’t see much more than pine trees. As far as the eye can see. If you don’t believe me, look on Google Earth.

Gihon Springs is about two hours south of Tuscaloosa, and timber and paper (i.e., writing paper, tissue paper, etc.) is the main industry down there. They get paper from the sawdust of pine trees (also known as a pulp wood). The following statistical information was published around the time that I lived there, many years ago. But it gives you an idea of what I’m talking about:

It’s a great place if you like to hunt and fish or whatever. It’s also good for raising cattle like Dad and Papa Findley did. Lots of grass, too.

I have changed the names of people and places down there partly because of privacy and partly because I don’t want to get sued for whatever reason. There are bunches of lawyers down there to lawyer-ize the timber industry. I’m not sure what that all involves. Maybe property line disputes. I’d have to ask Dad. He’d know.

The lawyers couldn’t get much out of Lefty and me. That is, if they somehow sued me for whatever I write in my blog. Princess Buttercup, Samson, and Snuggles is about all we have of value.

But I’m careful, all the same.

road2Our trip home from Florida took us about two or three hours east of Gihon Springs—out of our way—but I snapped these pictures at the same latitude as Gihon Springs. The land scape looks very much the same as that near my home of origin.

The town looks very much like Canterbury—Bigbee County’s county seat (also, the nearest “big” town to Gihon Springs).



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