The Snake…Guest Blog by Mom

Hi, All,
Did you know that my mom writes, too? She’s had articles and ideas published in “Instructor” magazine and was a stringer for “The Mobile Press Register.” Today she’s guesting on!

Let’s give a warm welcome my mom, Mrs. M:

When Joyce and I were home from college one weekend, Mama and Daddy had to go to Latitude one Sunday morning. Joyce and I went to Sunday school and church. When we got home, there was a snake in the flower bed, close to the foundation of the house. We decided to get Daddy’s pistol and shoot the thing!

We didn’t know what kind of snake it was. We didn’t like any snakes!

Well, we got the pistol, and, not know how to shoot it, we pointed it and pulled the trigger, just like we saw the cowboys do on TV.

The result: A lot of flower bed dirt was disturb, and the snake crawled out of the yard, under the fence, and into the pasture.

Daddy was glad it didn’t hit the wall of the house and crack the foundation.

Joyce says that we also got the hoe after that snake. She said that we would strike it with the hoe, squeal, and run.

The pink ladies aka snake killers.
The pink ladies, aka snake killers.

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