80’s Valley Girl of Alabama

Hard Rock Café, New Orleans, 1989.  Check out my sweater!
Hard Rock Café, New Orleans, 1989. Check out my sweater!
Took a trip back to the 80’s today while at the public library. I found a bound periodical of “Seventeen” magazine from 1985 and perused a June issue. The inside double-cover ad was for Noxema skin cream.

Do any of you remember this?

“Better skin and fewer blemishes.” A miracle-worker for acne, apparently, because the ad goes on to say, “The secret to fighting blemishes is knowing how to wash your face.”

Oh, really? Genetics and hormones have nothing to do with it?

I’m sure it comes from the same people who thought that squinting causes wrinkles.

Anyhow, I saw ads for “Loves Baby Soft” and (who could forget) Swatch!

Do you remember the album clubs where you, supposedly, could get 11 tapes for 1 cent? Anything from “Genesis” to “ZZ Top’s Greatest Hits.”

Big hair was in, along with articles about the best hair cut for the shape of your face.

And then there were the clothing articles. Lots of bold, colorful, “Cosby Show” sweaters were the way to go.

Speaking of Cosby, Lisa Bonet was featured in an article, and there was a picture of her with her mom. I really thought that L.B. always looked so cool in her hats and oversized shirts.

My first trip to the Sugar Bowl, New Orleans.
My first trip to the Sugar Bowl, New Orleans.
I remember having a “Valley Girl” contest with a couple of girls. We tried to out-do each other with our mastery of the lingo. Can you imagine us all trying to speak like we were from Encino, CA?

Gag me with a spoon…y’all.

Hey, everyone, what do you remember from the 80’s?

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  1. I remember every word and can smell the Noxema from here. Love’s Baby Soft reminds me of the Jean Nate commercials with a lady splashing herself like a crazy woman. My Swatch had a swatchguard and it was in primary colors like your lovely Cosby show sweater. Lisa Bonet was definitely a fashion icon at the time. P.S. Your hair was a hybrid of both Blair and Natalie.

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