Thinking about Unveiling

Hi Everyone,

I am thinking about something and would like to have your opinion.

You know that I haven’t published the true name of Gihon Springs because of privacy and law suits.

But I’m starting to re-think this. As Aunt Joyce told me, “It’s not like you’re saying anything bad about anyone.”

True that. I’m not being slanderous or libelous.

Here’s why I’m re-thinking the whole thing…

The other day, I was in the public library, and I found a whole book in the Heritage Room about Bigbee County. Really, I did! Some of the things that I write about may be more real to you all if I mentioned true-to-life places. After all, there are books written about it.

What do you think? Should I ‘fess up?


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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    No, the web is a big place…you have a family to consider. I too never give actual places, but do mention general areas, provinces, etc. If you want to do more specific history, start a new blog without putting too much of yourself into it!
    Btw, really enjoy getting your entries.?
    For what it’s worth,

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