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Go to Southern Accents for Awesome Architectural Treasures!

Southern Accent  308 2nd Avenue SE Cullman, Alabama.
Southern Accent
308 2nd Avenue SE
Cullman, Alabama.

On Saturday, I took a road trip to Cullman, Alabama so that I could go visit a well-known store there called “Southern Accents.” (Be sure to check them out!

Cullman is considered to be a small town, but not in my book. I mean, if Jachin is regarded as an unincorporated community, and Butler only has about 2,000 people who live there, I call Cullman a metro, in comparison! It has a Wal-mart and a McDonalds. Those franchises are the standard for what I call “big.”

Back to Southern Accents. I’m not really sure that it should be called “a store.” It is actually this huge ware-house. A treasure trove for those who like to dig through old architectural pieces. There are tons of old doors that you can use for doors or to up-cycle as primitive tables. And they are so nice and helpful…even if you’re only planning to buy something small like these beautiful tiles that came from a huge home in Arkansas.

Just wait 'til you see what I do with these!
Just wait ’til you see what I do with these!

I met the nicest couple who found a beautiful old mantle to put in their new house that they are building. There are a bunch of old mantles, but this one looked ready for installation. Its wood was shiny, and it looked like it wouldn’t have to be stripped or sanded.
I saw old wooden planks that could be used on your walls or floors. They could also be used as wall art, tables, or anything else that you can think of. I may have to go back there soon to pick up some of that! My fellow-bloggers, the Palmers—from another town in rural south Alabama, once re-did a whole wall with up-cycled wood from Southern Accents. You can see the amazing results at I love their site!

Planks galore...limitless possibilities!
Planks galore…limitless possibilities!

I’m running out of time before I have to post and then go pick up Princess Buttercup from school, so I’ll try to post more on another day. I may have to post every day this week with all of the things that I found in Cullman. It is a really neat little town with lots of cool boutiques and artsy stores. I went for Southern Accents, and found so much more!

Courtyard leads to another warehouse that's packed with stuff.
Courtyard leads to another warehouse that’s packed with stuff.
Dirt bike.  Pun intended.
Dirt bike. Pun intended.
Cedar door with a history.
Cedar door with history.
Personal doorknob collection.  Not on sale, but on display.
Personal doorknob collection. Not on sale, but on display.
Brass door knobs by the hundreds.
Brass door knobs by the hundreds.
I totally want this!
I totally want this!

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