Tennessee or Bust

Samson and Snuggles have a blast at the cabin.
Samson and Snuggles have a blast at the cabin.

Hi Everyone,

I just got back from a morning jaunt into town—Huntsville, that is—and now I only have a few minutes to write.

I’ve got to get packing for a weekend get-away to my parent’s cabin in Tennessee. I think I’ve blogged about it once before.

You see, when my parents got ready to retire, they sold off our Jachin family land and moved up here to be close to my brother and me. (I came to Huntsville some time after college.)

They bought a small 4-acre farm nearby and then bought their dream property in TN. It has a small creek and “a mountaintop,” as they call it. There they built a small cabin, with a loft that Princess Buttercup calls her own.

We like to load up our truck with our dogs, Samson and Snuggles, and take off to TN. I love it because we all can tromp through the forest like Ben and I did when we were Jachin kids. Lefty and Princess Buttercup love it because we can let the dogs run all over the place like crazy. Okay, so I love that part, too.

Today, I’m going to re-post some of our pictures of their place, but next week I will try to post some new ones.

So I’ve got to run and get packed. See you next week!

Samson loves the water.  Snuggles...not so much.
Samson loves the water. Snuggles…not so much.

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