The Dukes of Hazard and Choctaw County

Mom_auntsI found the most interesting book at our local library. It is The Heritage of Choctaw County, published in 2001 by Heritage Publishing Company, Inc. out of Clanton, Alabama.

It has 292 pages of short articles, some written by people that I knew as a child. One contributor was our neighbor, Mrs. Martha Parten. Another was written by a librarian at the Choctaw County Public Library, Mrs. Ann Gay.

All of those articles reminds me of that silly old show, “The Dukes of Hazard.” I remember that the show sometimes talked about the adjacent county to Hazard County…Choctaw.

The show depicted southern life and culture with memorable characters such as Boss Hog, Sherrif Roscoe P. Coaltrain, and the Duke family. It was about as realistic as hen teeth.

Ben and I were sometimes allowed to watch it, and sometimes not, depending on whether Daisy was strutting around in her famous shorts. For one thing, we just didn’t dress like that in Choctaw County.

We didn’t have a wacky sherrif and corrupt county commissioner. Our sherrif was Sherrif Donald Lolley, and he probably had more sense than all of the folks put together in Hazard.

We didn’t have muddy, dirt roads that we drove over, either. Ours were paved with bright yellow lines painted down the middle.

Supposedly, the actor who played Bo Duke was from New York.

If I had walked out in Daisy Duke shorts, my parents would have sent me back to my room to change.
Whatever you were wearing in the 70’s…I was probably wearing the same thing. I had big, round glasses in the 80’s like everyone else.

I’ll write more about my home county in later blogs. For now, I’ll leave you with a cute picture of my mom with her aunts. It’s what the real people of Choctaw County looked like.

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