Government Shutdown may be Rocket Science

Happy hump-day, Everyone!

There’s a running joke in Huntsville that no one is from here.

We’re all transplants from somewhere else. Really, Huntsville is a best-kept secret when it comes to lifestyle and jobs. It’s a unique town in the state of Alabama. Most families are here for engineering jobs, so there are a lot of smart people around here. When Huntsvillians say that something is “rocket science,” it probably is. We’ve got tons of them running around town.

One of the biggest employer in Huntsville is the U.S. Government. Although my skin itches to go off on politics, I have promised not to blog about it. I promised!

But here’s something that we can probably all agree on: this gov’t shutdown is for the birds.

Three of my family members have had to go home from work. There’s no telling when it’ll start back up. Meanwhile, most people are trying to take advantage of it by cleaning their garages, tackling home projects, or helping their spouses do the grocery shopping. Supposedly they’ll get back-pay. I hope so.

Before I moved to Huntsville, a million years ago, I wouldn’t have been affected by the government shutdown. When I lived in Jachin, I didn’t know anyone who was an employee of the U.S. government. So, I really do get it, if some of you out there don’t really fathom what’s going on. (Example: if I didn’t have to use a car, I wouldn’t care much about rising gas prices.) But there are a lot of us around here who are really concerned and don’t really know what’s going to happen with the whole shutdown.

Meanwhile, let’s just keep our country in prayer. Like everything else that has ever happened, this, too shall pass.

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  1. I didn’t think this was too “political.” 😉 (I have vowed not to blog about them, either, although the situation has been mentioned passively in a couple of entries.) You spoke about the issue and how it affects your life. I think most people agree that it shouldn’t be about a side…it should be about a solution. Eventually, the shutdown–even if it ends before October 17–will have a trickle-down effect of some sort, so it affects everyone.

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