Pumpkin-Carving Fun

The Red Cottage Pumpkin.
The Red Cottage Pumpkin.

Saturday night, the Alabama Crimson Tide football team was demolishing the University of Kentucky on the telly, so I got bored and set about carving a pumpkin for Princess Buttercup. She had also been begging me all day to get the job done.

Earlier that morning, Lefty and I had decided to clean our garage before the football games really got under-way. We could hardly get the car into its port with all of the disorder. I promised to carve the pumpkin later that evening.

While Lefty and I tackled the mess, Princess Buttercup got out my acrylic paint and started painting the pumpkin bright red.

She is going to enter her art into a contest at school and wanted to paint it to look like a red Angry Bird. She changed her mind when she couldn’t figure out the best way to go about doing it. Instead, she decided to just paint it red and make it into a little cottage. She drew the lines for the windows and doorway.

She found a small suitcase cart stashed in the clutter and asked us what it was for. We told her that it was used to cart your suitcase around when you are dashing through an airport. Lefty extended the handle for her, and Princess Buttercup strapped the pumpkin on the cart. She gave it a ride down the driveway and sidewalk. Once we had cleared out the garage, she began frenetically pulling Mr. Pumpkin in circles inside the garage. She had great fun.

Ooo, pretty.  I'm putting this on Pinterest.
Ooo, pretty. I’m putting this on Pinterest.

Later, during the football game’s second quarter, I took the pumpkin out into the clean garage and began carving per Buttercup’s instructions. She liked the gooey mess from the pumpkin’s innards. I saved the seeds to bake, later.

I’ve got a fun picture of my brother and I sitting happily in front of a pumpkin that Mom carved for us. Mom’s pumpkin looks perfect. I don’t know how she did it. Mine…not so much.

My brother and I with a carved pumpkin.
My brother and I with a carved pumpkin.

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  1. Bless Buttercup and her love of the innards! 😉 They make me gag every…single…time. But toasted pumpkin seeds?? Nothing better! That and candy corn are two of my favorite parts of the season!

    • Yep, they are pretty icky! I forgot the seeds on the counter overnight. Oops. Wonder if they are still okay to eat. I stuck them in the freezer for good measure. I may have to call the county extension lady and ask!

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