Southern Fried Yummy

Grandmother Findley, on far right.
Grandmother Findley, on far right.

Every night around 5, I try to make things nice when Lefty comes home from work. It’s when we finally all get together to eat dinner. Trust me, it’s not always peace and serenity in the land of clutter, drama, and homework, but it’s what we’re striving for.

Last night I made oven-fried drumsticks from what I got on sale for $.99/lb the other day.

I really had hoped that they would be fantastic and something that I would share on my blog. But they weren’t. At least I didn’t think so. I thought they were yucky. I had to trim off the skin, which was kind of gross. I kept thinking how much like human skin it looked. If I got stuck in a fridge and then got pulled out, would my skin feel like that? Sorry, everyone, I know that is really gross.

Point is, I had a hard time getting past that. And I thought it tasted yucky, too. However, Lefty and Princess Buttercup didn’t think it was that terrible. I’m just not going to use that same recipe again…ever.

Reminds me of Grandmother Findley’s world-renown chicken. Well…maybe not world renown, but it was definitely something that folks from Jachin talked about. Oh, it was so good!

It was real fried chicken…not the healthy, baked stuff. We used to run through the pasture and up the hill to her house in time for lunch. (Not a coincidence!) We would enjoy a meal of potatoes, fried chicken, perfectly-formed corn bread, and whatever else she served as veggies.

Totally yum!

When someone bragged on the meal, Grandmother would lower her head and say quietly, humbly, “It wasn’t that much.”

Oh, Grandmother, it was.

It was.

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