Fall / Halloween Festival Memories

Face painting.  I also painted bracelets like those around my wrists.
Face painting. I also painted bracelets like those around my wrists.

Well, we all had a lot of fun at Friday’s fall festival at Princess Buttercup’s school. I had a great time face painting, while Princess ran around and won a bunch of gold fish to bring home. She also got some other toy and candy prizes, too, and she brought them to me to “guard” while she went off and won more and more gold fish.

She was so preoccupied with the fish, and we were all so tired when it was time to go, that she forgot her bag of goodies beside my face-painting chair. Hopefully, someone will find it and get it to her during the school day.

It’s just one of those Halloween festival mishaps.

When David and I were kids…(oh, by the way, Dave wants to be called by his real name henceforward in my blog…no longer “Ben.” He says that he could never be a Ben. Whatever. BTW, again, shout out to Dave and his wife, who are cruising down some river in Europe to celebrate their 15th anniversary. They got married 6 months after Lefty and I wedded. Congratulations and have fun you two!)

Okay, back on topic.

When Dave and I were kids, we used to love to go to the school Halloween carnivals. I remember that we had our share of Halloween mishaps. One of the most memorable was when we were riding on the hay ride, and Dave’s costume mask went sailing off. I think he must have been in Kindergarten. We bemoaned the loss and told Mom all about it when we got off the ride. Mom went with us to try to find it on the darkened hayride route, but it was gone, gone, gone. We didn’t cry, but we were both pretty bummed about that. As a big sister, I have always felt that David’s tragedies were my own.

I think it was the same carnival, though, that Dave won the drawing for a crocheted Christmas stocking. It was a very nice stocking, with bright reds and greens, and we still have it to this day.

One year I won a stuffed dog that was green and pink. I named him Lucky. He wasn’t so lucky because his stuffing kept coming out.
Dave won first place for originality in a costume contest one year. It was all his design and engineering. He built himself a robot costume out of cardboard boxes (from our store) and tin foil. It was awesome.

So this afternoon, I’m going to look forward to picking up Princess Buttercup to see if she recovered her goods from the fall festival. I hope she does. And maybe she will share some of her candy with me and Lefty.

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