Let it Snow…or, no? Frozen in North Alabama.

Anna and Elsa from  Frozen.  The cold never bothered me anyway!
Anna and Elsa from Frozen. The cold never bothered me anyway!
When I was growing up in rural south Alabama, we may have had about three good snows in the whole 18 years. By that I mean that we wanted enough snow to build a snowman, make snow angels, and just… just be able to play in it.

One reason why I wanted to live in north Alabama is because I thought that it snowed a lot more.

Well, we’ve had about a handful of good snows since I moved up here. It has been a disappointment, truly.

We were supposed to get some snow last night when an Artic wind blasted into the state. Lefty, Princess Buttercup (especially Princess Buttercup), and I were disappointed.

However, it did seem like Elsa from Frozen did pay us a visit. It got really cloudy and windy, and whhhhhhoooosh! We got a few snow flurries around 10 a.m.

Princess Buttercup’s school got cancelled, so we went out with the pups and played on our frozen landscape.

The grass and ground was crunchy with ice.

Broken, ice fractures.
Broken, ice fractures.
Snuggles watches the snow flurries.
Snuggles watches the snow flurries.

So much fun!

We crashed through thin ice where we had puddles from last night’s mighty rain.

We watched the pups gaze up at the fluttery flakes, their eyes curious.

Lefty took Princess Buttercup to see Frozen on Thanksgiving. They liked it so much that they got me to go with them to see it with them after Christmas.

So tonight is supposed to be the coldest night in decades around here. And I am truly thankful for our warm home.

Those who get to have snow all of the time may not understand when I echo the main song from Frozen:

Let the storm rage on…The cold never bothered me anyway…

A powdering of snow.
A powdering of snow.

Sprocket wonders, "What is this stuff?!"
Sprocket wonders, “What is this stuff?!”

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  1. Nice quote there at the end! I went to Frozen with my daughters a few days ago and really enjoyed it, though as a writer I wanted her to wrestle a little more with her decision to LOVE – it was like, “oh, that’s it? Ok.” I wanted more inner struggle!

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