Fun Deals at Unclaimed Baggage Center


I could just kick myself for not buying this belt at Unclaimed Baggage Center. Only $.99, this little number could make any outfit really pop.

This is one of many finds that I discovered at Scottsboro, Alabama’s gem of a store, Unclaimed Baggage.

It was a couple of weeks before Christmas, and I needed to get out of town. I hadn’t been to Unclaimed Baggage Center since last June, and I was itching to go. Back in June, I purchased my little Canon PowerShot SD 1200IS for about $60. Although it’s a used camera and I don’t know anything about its history, it works great for me. It’s what I use to take all of my blog pictures and costs about $399 new on Amazon.

Anyway, I had doubts about going. After all, I still wasn’t finished with all of my Christmas shopping. To convince myself that it was a worthy trip—I could even find Christmas presents!—I went to TripAdvisor.

I was surprised that it had such rotten reviews. We had been to UBC many times before, and I had found the nicest cream-colored pants and other clothes for work. Lefty had bought a bunch of t-shirts to work out in.

I was conflicted. I felt kinda guilty about taking a day away from Christmas shopping and spending the gas money. But Lefty encouraged me to go. He said that it would be fun.

So I took off to Scottsboro the very next day, and I’m glad that I did.

It’s not a posh place, but it is very clean. I read that all of the clothes are cleaned before being hung up in the store. The store is h-u-g-e.

Gold earrings.
Gold earrings.
Hello Kitty Earrings.
Hello Kitty Earrings.
Cute puppy-dog earrings.
Cute puppy-dog earrings.

What is Unclaimed Baggage Center (UBC)?

The store purchases clothing and other items from airports, bus stations, and anywhere else that people forget their things.

According to their website, “Only about ½ of 1 percent of checked bags fail to show up at the baggage carousel. Within 5 days, almost 98% of the delayed bags have made their way home. During the next 3 months, through a comprehensive baggage tracing process conducted by the airlines, over half of the remaining bags are reunited with their owners.”

This ½ of 1 percent may not seem like much, but it really is, considering the number of travelers all over the world.

Lucky for us!

Here’s the thing, if you are going to UBC looking for yard sale prices, you can forget it. I think that’s what the TripAdvisor complaints are about. Some of those people say that the prices aren’t any different than thrift or consignment store prices.


But think about this… can you find this at any thrift store? 40,000 feet of unique items from all over the world!

I bought the coolest “scarf” that may even be a Maheshwari dupatta from India.

My Maheshwari dupatta that I bought at UBC.  Photo credit goes to Tawney Pierce.
My Maheshwari dupatta that I bought at UBC. Photo credit goes to Tawney Pierce.

I’ve seen wedding gowns at UBC before, and I’ve thought, “Oh, how awful it would be to lose your wedding gown!” And then I’d think,”Okay, so how do you lose your wedding gown on a plane?” But I learned that UB also buys from cargo planes, which explains why sometimes they will have racks of similar clothes.

I ended up buying some cute skinny jeans and school pants for Princess Buttercup and some other odds and ends. I hope to go back some time this spring to look again. You just have to keep going back because their stock is constantly changing. Therefore, I probably won’t be lucky enough to find my $.99 orange belt again.

I just want to give a shout-out to all of the super nice store clerks and staff at UBC, including Tawney. Not to forget for one minute the nice baristas that sell Starbucks—right inside the store!

Poster of Uncle Si Robertson.
Poster of Uncle Si Robertson.


Cute DNKY Jeans jacket.  I'm loving the color.  Team it with a punchy orange scarf.
Cute DNKY Jeans jacket. I’m loving the color. Team it with a punchy orange scarf.
Cute taupe sweater that was teamed with the cool orange belt.
Cute taupe sweater that was teamed with the cool orange belt.
Check out the price on this Lauren dress.
Check out the price on this Lauren dress.
Here's that little black dress that I should have nabbed.
Here’s that little black dress that I should have nabbed.
More formal wear with bling.
More formal wear with bling.

Hope you all enjoy my pictures. I’m just going to try to list some of the stuff that you can find at UBC:

snow skis (don’t miss their huge ski sale!), $3 coats!, iPods, other electronics, Kindle cases (last June I found a Kate Spade case but didn’t snatch it up right away…when I went back to get it, it was gone! I ended up with another cute case, though.), DSLR cameras, Gemeinhardt flute (open-holed with B flat foot–I tried it out), instruments, little black dresses, business suits, lingerie, uniforms, bling, child earrings, fine jewelry, costume jewelry, scarves, jeans for the whole fam, clothes to fit everyone, wedding gowns, evening gowns, belts, shoes, hats of all kinds, sunglasses, hair accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, furniture, luggage (we once bought a whole set), luggage carts (we got one once), backpacks (we’ve bought a lot of these from UBC), Prada handbags, purses, winter outerwear, Duck Dynasty poster, mattresses, fabric, kitchen stuff, dishes, Christmas stuff, souvenirs from all over, toys and games, baby supplies, tons of books, home décor, art, workout stuff, sporting goods, outdoor equipment, laptops, e-readers, movies, calculators of all kinds…

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  1. The prices have increased dramatically since I first started going there, to the point that it is rare I can afford anything nice there. I used to go often, but rarely have money to go any more, since their prices have risen so much.

  2. The prices are a lot more than they generally were back 20 years ago…but then aren’t all prices? And another point, I am sure lots of people were buying and re-selling items when they were so cheap. And although there is nothing wrong with doing that, UBC has the same right to make a good profit as anyone. It seems to me that the guys at UBC have realised that they could do a bit a research on their items and sell them for more than they once did. STILL we are all getting a great bargain on what we buy there! I got my partner a $300+ pair of Prada sunglasses for just over $26! What’s to complain about with bargains like that??

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