Construction Work Ahead

Hi All,

I once worked at a corporation where the upper management just couldn’t figure out their mission statement.  Did they want to make widget A or widget B?  They were struggling with their corporate identity.

Well, I’ve been kind of the same way about my blog.  I mentioned my quandary to one of my friends with journalism and graphic design experience.  My problem was that I was running out of memories and photos of me growing up in rural south Alabama. 

“Well,” said my friend, “You were growing up in rural south Alabama…and then you grew up.  End of story.”

Sage words, to be sure, and very much appreciated.  So where should I go from here with my blog?  That’s when I decided to tweak my header title just a bit.  I came up with “Life and Culture with a Little Alabama Twist.” 

I like writing about casual observations and thoughts about what’s going on in the world around me.  It’s from an Alabama wife/mom/writer’s viewpoint.  Really, it’s what I’ve been writing about all along.  I <I> promise </I> not to keep changing my look and my mission statement a lot on you, here, but I’m going to be experimenting a bit.  Just to have unity, consistency, and harmony.  

And isn’t that what we’re all striving for? 



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