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Hi Readers,

I was a substitute elementary science teacher this afternoon.  My friend and fellow church member called last night and asked me to be her stand-by today and tomorrow.  When my only class for the day, the third grade, came in to the room, I had a Youtube video of a volcano exploding on the projector screen.  The kids–especially the little boys–were like, “Wow!!!!!!!!”

My science teacher friend had this whole volcano project ready for the children.  We went outside, and they collected twigs, rocks, and dirt (yes, it was a messy project, but fun!).  Then we went back inside so that each table could construct their volcano.

I passed out paper plates, paper cups, and modeling clay.  They mushed their clay into shape and put these forms around the cup, which was on the paper plate.  Then they stuck their rocks, twigs, dirt, moss, and whatever else — around the clay volcano.

Tomorrow we’re going to let them rip with vinegar, baking soda, and a squirt of dish detergent.  They can hardly wait!

So I didn’t have time to blog today, but maybe I’ll get something down on Friday.

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