Cookie Crunch

A box-load of Girl Scout cookies.
A box-load of Girl Scout cookies

Anybody want to buy some Girl Scout cookies? We’ve got a ton of cookies left and the demand has trickled to a stop.

About a month ago, we got a case of those buttery, sweet delicacies. The scent of cardboard and chocolate filled our car’s interior, and our mouths begged for a taste. After dinner, we quickly paid for an order of Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Samoas and had some for dessert.

We spent a cold, lovely morning at Walmart, peddling our goods. Girl Scouts calls that “booth sales.” Princess Buttercup and I were prepared for the cold weather and wore our ski pants and coats. (Not that we ever go skiing….They’re just excellent to have on hand in case of an incidental snow in Alabama.) We smiled brightly at in-going Walmart customers and said in our perkiest voices, “Would you like some Girl Scout cookies? No? Well, thank you very much!” or “Yes? Ohhhh, thank you for supporting Girl Scouts!” [Note: I’d love to be able to post pics of the Girl Scouts, but won’t post them for privacy’s sake. Which is too bad…they are so cute, but you’ll have to settle for a picture of me at the stand!) 😉

Lefty just happened to mention Girl Scout cookies at work, and we were instantly in business. The orders came in quicker than we could meet the demand, and Princess Buttercup and I found ourselves at our supplier’s home, picking up more cases. Logistics on our part was slow, and Lefty pushed us to pick up the speed so that he could distribute them to his buyers.

I named Lefty “Honarary Lindsey,” an honor indeed. He was becoming quite the salesman, in the tradition of my Papa Lindsey–who began selling magazines as a young boy and later opened his own store in Jachin.

After about two weeks, the rush went into decline. Lefty’s office had peaked their marginal satisfaction and were done. At the same time, I got sick and could not go to the “cookie booth” to sell the remainder of our cases.

So now we’ve got about four cases on hand, and looks like we’re stuck with cookies for awhile.

Unless…Would any of you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies? 🙂

Samoas -- My favorite!
Samoas — My favorite!
Girl Scout Cookie "Booth Sale"
Girl Scout Cookie “Booth Sale”

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