Spring Break Ideas and Linkies!


We’ve made it to Spring Break!

The world is open to sleeping late and endless possibilities for hanging out with Princess Buttercup, her friends, and her friend’s moms.
Here are some ideas for stuff to do during Spring Break:

1. Host a game day party. Get some pals together and pull out “Apples to Apples,” “Clue,” “Jenga,” “Monopoly,” “Twister,” etc.

2. Go on a hike and picnic. We have Monte Sano and Rainbow Mountain nearby. Throw together some pb&j, fruit, or just get some Lunchables if you’re running on spontaneity.

3. Visit your local botanical garden. That would be Huntsville Botanical Garden, if you’re in the Huntsville area. Local museums are always a good option, as well.

4. Get your buddies together and have an outside game day, weather permitting. We may opt for dodge ball and keep-away.

5. Like to go shopping? That’s definitely on our agenda!

6. Crafting, crafting, and more crafting!

7. Spring cleaning…not a lot of fun, but we have got to do some of this if we want to invite friends over.

Birmingham, Alabama is a short road trip--not much more than an hour away.
Birmingham, Alabama is a short road trip–not much more than an hour away.

Linkies for unique Spring Break ideas:
Make a confetti kite: http://lifelessonplans.org/contact-paper-confetti-kite/

Fun ideas: http://www.71toes.com/2014/03/spring-break-2014.html

Stacation: http://www.momtrends.com/2014/03/have-a-spring-break-staycation-for-the-family/

How fun is this?! Here’s how to make a bunny costume for Teddy bears: http://prytulka.wordpress.com/2014/03/23/bunny-disguise-for-teddy-bears/

Make muffins for breakfast: http://www.southernkissed.com/honey-nut-muffins/

Soft pretzels for an afternoon snack or picnic: http://thefoodiearmywife.com/bavarian-soft-pretzels/

The mother of all blogs for those living in the Huntsville area: http://www.rocketcitymom.com/spring-activity-guide/

Swan at Birmingham Zoo.
Swan at Birmingham Zoo.

Be sure to comment and share your ideas, as well. I’d love to hear from you!

Woo-hoo, let’s go have fun with our precious munchkins!

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