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North Alabama Tornadoes

Hi Everyone,

We have survived the weather fine with no damage to our home, so far. It looks like it’s not going to be as bad tonight as it was last night.

Last night was totally nuts. I’ll have to tell you about it when I get some photos. I’ll try to get some tomorrow, as long as I don’t get in the way of clean-up crews, families going to their damaged homes, or emergency vehicles.

Also, I’ve got a writing deadline to meet. If I have a chance I’ll post about dealing with the tornadoes that tore through the Tennessee Valley.

Talk to you soon!

Helen Keller’s Home

When I was growing up in rural south Alabama, Helen Keller was one of my heroes.  I read a book about her when I was in elementary school.  When I finshed the last page and had looked at the photos for a long period of time, I would flip back to the start and read… Continue Reading

The Hundred-Year-Old Dogwood

A few years ago, the city of Huntsville was going to build a road across one of the mountains. Well, they found this really old Dogwood tree in their way and no one wanted to destroy it to build the road. So they found a tree mover somewhere near Dallas, TX and got an estimate… Continue Reading

Happy Easter!

Hope you all enjoy the photos that I took that have an Easter theme. Happy Easter, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine! Note: The children’s clothing and window displays were taken at Snapdragon Kids–113 W. Washington Street, Athens, Alabama. Continue Reading

Our New Puppy

Our Monday afternoon was a cross between the shows, “Too Cute,” and “The Puppy Bowl.” We got Princess Buttercup out of school (early…yes, we played hooky!) and went to the Jackson County, Alabama animal shelter and picked up our new puppy, Spike. Spike and his brothers and sisters were found in a vacant lot underneath… Continue Reading

Mock 7

Hi Readers, Is that how you spell “Mock 7?”  Like, “I’m going Mock 7 with my house on fire?”  I’m not sure…our minister uses that phrase in his sermons all the time.  Point is, I’ve been going Mock 7 with my house on fire today and haven’t had a chance to post.  I promise…well, I will… Continue Reading

Hangin’ in Downtown Madison, Alabama

Today, I was introduced to Sady’s Bistro in downtown Madison. I had a turkey sammie with avocado and tomato and cucumber salad that was Mm-mm good and oh, so creamy! I highly recommend it. There were also some cute shops like The Cotton Gin that I visited. I hope you enjoy my pictures from my… Continue Reading

Will Write Soon

Hi, Dear Readers! I am knee-deep with assignments (yay!) and will write another post soon.  Maybe even if I can get my other work done for today. Thanks so much for your kind comments.  It’s so exciting to have readers from all over the world:  Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and Australia! Well,… Continue Reading

Let Yard Sale Season Commence! 10 Tips for Buyers.

I woke up early on Saturday for a very big event in town…Hampton Cove was having its yard sale! Hampton Cove is a very nice subdivision on the east side of Huntsville, over Monte Sano Mountain. I borrowed Lefty’s black Nissan truck and headed for town. I saw everything from leaf shredders, to foosball tables,… Continue Reading