Our New Puppy

Spike's Pet Finder photo.
Spike’s Pet Finder photo.
Our Monday afternoon was a cross between the shows, “Too Cute,” and “The Puppy Bowl.”

We got Princess Buttercup out of school (early…yes, we played hooky!) and went to the Jackson County, Alabama animal shelter and picked up our new puppy, Spike.

Spike and his brothers and sisters were found in a vacant lot underneath a pile of wooden pallets. Their dad is a chocolate lab, and their mommy dog is a black lab mix.

The nice lady volunteer, Laurie, brought out a few pups at a time, until we had about 6 pups in the room. It was so much fun! Adorable black and chocolate labs were everywhere! There was also a cat and a kitty that looked on in amazement.

The pups were happy and playful, all with different personalities.

Puppies, puppies everywhere!
Puppies, puppies everywhere!



We specifically wanted a black male, so that’s how we chose Spike.

That’s why I couldn’t post on Monday. I had deadlines and interviews to give, and we got a pup on top of that. Fun times!

I hope that you’ll see one that you like and contact the shelter. Then you can have one of Spike’s brothers or sisters!

Adorable chocolate lab up for adoption.
Adorable chocolate lab up for adoption.
Pouncing pup.
Pouncing pup.

The Pups’ Story: ABOUT SATURN (We changed his name to “Spike.” Now we’ve got Spike and Snuggles. 😉

Currently the shining stars of our shelter, Saturn and his 5 siblings were born in a vacant lot beneath a pile of wooden pallets. It took a while for our volunteer to gain their mom’s trust enough to bring the family to proper shelter. There are four girls and 2 boys who we are currently taking applications for their adoption, as well as their mum. Saturn is six weeks old in our photos taken April 3rd.

The shelter’s site:

P.S. We also got to meet the puppies’ sweet, shy mommy dog. We hope that someone will adopt her too, because she’s been through a lot!

Cat eyes pup.
Cat eyes pup.
Puppy wants Lefty's right shoe.
Puppy wants Lefty’s right shoe.
Laurie gives Spike a shampoo.
Laurie gives Spike a shampoo.
Spike, after his bath.
Spike, after his bath.
Happily riding home in Princess Buttercup's lap.
Happily riding home in Princess Buttercup’s lap.

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  1. He’s so cute! Be warned: labs are horrible puppies when it comes to cheewing. It takes about three years for them to really stop. Nylabone makes nearly indestructible products. It seems to be the only brand that can survive my dogs.

    • Lynda, thanks for the warning! They are also bad about digging in the yard and escaping. (I blogged about our escaping black dog back in September. The poor guy got killed when he ran out into the road. Sooo sad!)

      Thx for the Nylabone suggestion. I’ll check it out!

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