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One Week Removed from School

 Hi Everyone!

We’ve been out of school for one week, and it’s been great fun!  We’re staying busy, as you can tell by my lack of consistent posts.  I’m just sending you all another little online “letter” so that you’ll know that I haven’t forgotten my wonderful readers.

I have a writing deadline to meet, but I’ll try to find time to download and edit my photos from yesterday’s adventures.

Happy Summer!



Honoring Mr. Wilson on Memorial Day

Hi Everyone, I’m enjoying the weekend with my family, and I hope you are, too! On this Memorial Day, I am thankful for the men and women who gave their lives so that we Americans can enjoy the freedom that we have in the United States. My prayers are for the family and friends that… Continue Reading

Can You Rubik?

If you haven’t been on Google today, you may not yet know that Google Doodle is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube. I remember using my own money to buy my first little cube in the 80’s. I was oh, so excited. I eventually managed to get two of its 6 sides solved.… Continue Reading

Adventures in Ardmore

Ardmore, Alabama and Ardmore, Tennessee is located right on the state line between TN and AL, with a railroad overpass divvying up the town. I have been hanging out at the Ardmore Public Library. My book’s main character is a librarian, and so I need to expose myself to that environment to be able to… Continue Reading

More about Clinton Street Cottage

Whew! Sometimes it’s nice to sit a moment and enjoy a weekend without running to and fro! The yellow and green Clinton Street Cottage that I talked about on Wednesday is for sale by owner for $165K at a supposed reduced price. (BTW, I don’t know the owner, and I’m not trying to sell it.… Continue Reading

The Green and Yellow House

I think old houses inspire my writing more than anything. Who can resist an aged home that has a history? Babies were born there. Families lived their lives there. And in the old south, loved ones were laid out on their cooling boards in parlors while a mother, daughter, nephew, or friend kept a vigil… Continue Reading

Tornado Frenzy

As you can well imagine, the whole tornado thing freaks people out. It seems ridiculous to run and hide in a hole like a groundhog when the weather goes berserk. But that’s exactly what everyone has to do when there’s a twister threat. On Monday, Princess Buttercup’s school let out early. I was planning to… Continue Reading