Adventures in Ardmore


Ardmore water tower.
Ardmore water tower.
Ardmore, Alabama and Ardmore, Tennessee is located right on the state line between TN and AL, with a railroad overpass divvying up the town.

ardmore_towerI have been hanging out at the Ardmore Public Library. My book’s main character is a librarian, and so I need to expose myself to that environment to be able to credibly write about her.

The library opens at 9:00 a.m., and I arrived a bit early today. I decided to visit this tiny cemetery that I found when I took a wrong turn yesterday.


It is the Hopwood Cemetary, the final resting place of Safrona (9/21/1828-12/24/1909), her husband DG (whose name stood for Doctor Green…I don’t know if he was a doc or just called that; 8/15/1818 – 7/7/1876), and I think it was their daughter Sitha (1810-1850) and Sitha’s husband Robert.

I like the ladies’ names: Safrona and Sitha.


Safrona Hopwood's Tombstone.
Safrona Hopwood’s Tombstone.
DG Hopwood's Tombstone.
DG Hopwood’s Tombstone.
I still had time before the library opened, so I went to King’s Hardware, owned and operated by Mrs. King and her husband for 29 years!


The store reminded me a little of Papa Findley’s store (my grandpa) in that it sells just about everything. King’s Hardware is right on Main Street. Mrs. King was nice enough to allow me to take some photos for my blog.

The smell of fertilizer, seed, and paint met me at the door. I was able to buy some marigold and cut-flower seeds for $.69 a pack. Yay!








After I left the library, I took a sharp turn into Subway because I was so hungry. I noted that Ardmore, TN/AL also has a McDonald’s…which means that the city must be much more populated than where I grew up, near Butler, AL.

Later, I drove through the Tennessee hills just for fun. I had another library to visit at 1:00, which meant that I had about an hour and a half to kill.

Such a pretty day, and I’m getting ready for school to be out so that Princess Buttercup can join me on my adventures!

The road less traveled.
The road less traveled.




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  1. I really enjoy reading your bog Stephanie. It gives me that feeling I get when I watch “The Andy Griffith Show”. 🙂

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