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The Buried House

The Buried House
The Buried House

The Buried House
By Stephanie L. Robertson
Available on Smashwords–Just search on “Stephanie L. Robertson”!
Price: Free!
Words: 700.
Category: Fiction » Thriller & Suspense » Paranormal

A young woman’s haunted memories entangled with an old house that is being demolished. As she watches the destruction of the house, she recounts her story of the chilling tragedy that occurred inside.

The Buried House is my first ebook!

It’s my magnum opus. Or, as Painter Smurf would say, it’s “my masterpizza!”

Well, I’m exaggerating. It’s a short story (only 700 words) that I put on Smashwords and Amazon earlier this summer. It’s on Amazon, and I’ve tried (my brother has tried, my friend has tried) to get them to put it on for free, since their competitor (Smashwords) has it for free. Still waiting.

And waiting…

…and waiting…

Anyway, it’s on Amazon for 99 cents, or you can download it from Smashwords for free. You’d be doing me a huge favor if you could go rate it on Amazon for me. And while you’re there, you could let them know that Smashwords has it for free.

Hope you all enjoy!

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