Happy Father’s Day Do’s and Don’t’s

Fathers_Day1Father’s Day sneaked up on us this year. It’s 9 a.m., and Princess Buttercup and I have got to sneak out and go buy Lefty that perfect gift!

Well, actually, we aren’t sneaking. Lefty and his brother are meeting their dad for breakfast at Cracker Barrel right now. Before he left, Lefty said, “Um…If you happen to go shopping, could you please get some more milk and dog food for Snuggles. Her dog food got wet.” (More about how that happened on Monday’s blog post!!)

Today, I decided to post some tips for that special guy in your and your children’s life—the guy that your kids call Dad, Daddy, or Da-Da.

Happy Father’s Day Do’s and Don’t’s:


1. Don’t forget the day! (That’s the most important tip.)

2. Don’t buy him a Lexus like on the TV commercials.

3. Don’t buy him a tie or a coffee mug…bo–ring!

4. Don’t buy him a bouquet of flowers–wrong parent! (Save that for us mommies…hint, hint!)

5. Don’t buy him a tool if you’re like me and you don’t know a wrench from one of those silver tightening thingies. (Or, is that a wrench??)


1. Do make him something homemade…Like your own, personal framed artwork that he can take to his office.

2. Do make him a special Sunday lunch. (The restaurants are too crowded, and everyone is hungry after worship!)

3. Give him some quiet time to enjoy his special day. (Don’t ask him to do the dishes, please!)

4. Do give him a great, big hug.

5. Do tell him that he’s the best dad, ever!

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  1. Hey Stephanie,
    Love your blog….been following for over a year now. Remember you and I share the same anniversary date?
    And, yes, Father’s Day is all about spoiling the men in our lives who are so special….but I agree, homemade and time together!

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