Hug Your Vet Today

Cookies on a cooking stone. “The worse it looks, the better it cooks!”
Cookies on a cooking stone. “The worse it looks, the better it cooks!”


The other day when I went to vote for POTUS, I ran into this nice couple from my neighborhood who had just walked from the place where we vote. (It is soooooooo cool to be able to walk to the polls from our new house!)

Turns out, the man attended the same university as I (the University of Alabama–RTR!), and was wearing a Vietnam veteran’s hat.

I was talking to Lefty and Princess Buttercup about meeting them, and Princess Buttercup suggested that we bring him cookies on Veteran’s Day to show our appreciation for his service.


The brave Vietnam veterans were treated so badly by Americans when they returned from the war. I told Princess Buttercup that she had a good idea, so today, I brought out the Pillsbury® Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and made a batch.

I made a scrapbook paper cone, lined it with aluminum foil, and stuffed it with fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Since the couple had told me where they lived when we met on election day, we drove over to their house, and PB gave the man the cone of cookies.

I think he really appreciated the gesture, and hopefully we did our part in making our new neighborhood a better place and honored one of our vets at the same time.

A cone of cookies!
A cone of cookies!

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