The Wild Christmas Picture Piggy Chase

Dr. Pepper & S’mores with Princess Buttercup
I’m a little old-fashioned about that sending Christmas cards, so Lefty, Princess Buttercup, and I went out to our woods to take our Christmas photos.

I wanted to get some pictures of Princess Buttercup by herself but knew she would balk until I told her that I’d let her put her guinea pigs, Dr. Pepper and S’mores, in the shot.

When PB brought out the piggies, Lefty (my left-brained and left-handed husband) commented, “I don’t think this is a good idea.”
At moment Dr. Pepper jumped from PB’s arms and scampered into the woods.

Horrified (it was really cold outside), I dashed after Dr. Pepper.

“Get him!” she yelled as she clutched S’mores closely.

One thing you should know about our guinea pigs: I don’t like having them because they smell bad and the room designated as play room in our new house is now actually called the guinea pig room. But Princess Buttercup loves them, and I was going to catch Dr. Pepper or die trying.

I wasn’t born on a cattle farm for nothing. I knew how to herd animals. Ok, so maybe not so much except for in theory.

The little rodent ran faster than I could imagine.

He ran one way, and I darted in front of him to block his path through the trees. I dove to the ground. I wasn’t sure I had him because he was under a thick bed of sweet gum leaves.

He jumped, I jumped. He turned right, I turned right. Lefty blocked him to the left, and I dropped to the ground and grabbed another handful of leaves and this time Dr. Pepper as well.

Lefty gave me a small box and I put the wayward piggy inside while Princess Buttercup did the same for S’mores. I took their picture and then we all went inside to warm up.

I had already known better than to put Snuggles and wild, man-dog Spike in the photos. Next time I’ll know: absolutely no critters in our next Christmas card pictures!

What about you? Do you like to send out Christmas cards? Do you wrangle your family into a picture that’s good enough to send to Gramma?

Princess Buttercup hides behind Lefty and me.

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