Could 2017 Start any Worse?

Pulling my hair out!

I know…we’re just 6 days in and the Robertsons have already experienced 3 catastrophes in 2017!

Most on them occurred on Monday, a gloomy, rainy day.

Lefty calls it “the water day.”

For a few days, the hot water heater had been leaking. Fix-it guy that he is, Lefty set out to work on it but soon learned that we would need a new hot water heater.

The good news is that our house is still under warranty. The bad news is that we couldn’t get the repair guy in because it was January 2 and a holiday. Boo!

The next day, we found out that the repair guy couldn’t be here until Friday…and it was supposed to snow. In our part of the nation, snow shuts everything down!

Princess Buttercup and I went to the mall (which always leaves me beat), and I dropped her off with Lefty while I went on some more errands.

I was so tired when I got back to the house. I opened the door and Princess Buttercup was in hysterics! I held her close while Lefty brought grim news:

Her 30-gallon fish tank had completely leaked out all over her bedroom floor, soaking the carpet and killing her 5 fish.

Craft room/aquarium room/kid’s room.

We got the tank from a friend who found it in their attic when they moved into their new house. Bad idea on our part–we didn’t test it for leaks when our friend passed it on to us! Lesson learned, right?

Princess Buttercup was beyond consolation.

But then a bright spot: Lefty saw that all 5 fish were moving around on the gravel, panting for air. Immediately, he put the fish in a bucket of water, and all but 1 made it!!!

The carpet, not so much. Can you imagine a carpet soaking up 30 gallons of water?

Dirty fan–wet carpet.

Once again, Lefty to the rescue. We soaked up as much water as we could with towels. Lefty used his shop-vac, and then we had to buy a dehumidifier.

On a side note, I can’t say enough good about the dehumidifier. PB’s room feels like a sauna. When we’re done in her room, I’m thinking about bringing it into the other rooms. Alabama has a really wet cold in winter, and I’m sure a dehumidifier would help.

We also used the leaf-blower and a fan to help out.

Lefty put PB’s mattress (which fortunately didn’t get wet) into the craft room until we can get her room back up to snuff.

Final disaster (which really wasn’t all that bad): I decided to take Spike up on one of our mountains for a nice hike. We’re supposed to get about 30 minutes of exercise per day, right? Well, I had about 45 minutes to spare before picking up PB from school–which resumed yesterday.

I loooooooooove to climb!

I was on Rainbow Loop Trail, half-way down, when I decided that we should get back in time to pick up Princess Buttercup.

For some reason, I got off on a trail marked “Wild Trail.” Not a good sign. Spike and I walked and walked. At one point, the path was a narrow 2′ wide or so with a straight drop down. Spike looked over the edge and I was thinking, “Oh, Dog, please don’t jump!” No worries…he was just being his usual black Lab curious self.

What’s that down there? Huh? Huh?

I felt that if I could climb to the top, there would be the rows of familiar houses and the place where I’d parked the car. We climbed up.

To my surprise, there was nothing there except for all the Land Trust land and the city hundreds (or thousands?) of feet below.

I consulted my Google Maps but was completely confused with its little icons. Was I the little guy icon? Was he facing left or right from my perspective?


I just kept walking and eventually found the water tower. I knew my car was parked there. And I made it back! Thankfully!

“I wasn’t one bit worried,” says Spike.

I carefully drove off the mountain. I should have picked up PB 10 minutes ago. I was the last person in car line, something you never want to be. My poor, deserted child.

Fortunately, I found out that PB had color guard practice, and all was as it should be.

I drove around to the band room, and PB got to show off her beautiful black Spike to a gaggle of adoring girls. Spike basked in the attention.

Well, today we got the water heater fixed. The carpet is drying out. And school was cancelled, even though we barely got a few flurries.

Big thanks to Mom and Dad for allowing us to drive to their place to use their shower!

Let’s hope the rest of 2017 is less eventful!

Brand, spankin’ new hot water heater.

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