I am a Gentle Woman

I am a Gentle Woman

By: Stephanie L. Robertson


I am a gentle woman.

I do not call undue attention to myself.

I work out of or inside of my home because,

My husband and I made the decision together.

I care for my children and often put their needs before my own.

I sacrifice for my family when needed.

I use clothing to cover my body because I respect it,

And expect others to do the same.

I am a role model for my son and daughter.

My husband and I share household chores.

I am not ashamed for cooking our family meals,

Because it is what is practical for our family.

I volunteer when needed.

I know how to say no.

I respect my husband for being the man that he is

I understand that men and women were created differently,

And I cherish our differences.

I know my limitations.

I respect all stages of human life,

From utero to the grave.

I hope others think I’m kind.

I hope others find me loving.

I care for others.

I am gentle yet brave.

I thank God for creating me just as I am.


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