Day 2 Giveaway Winner and Cute Kittens for next Giveaway! Mommy, may I have one, please?

Congratulations to Beth Ann from North Carolina who blogs at It’s Just Life! Today Beth Ann is posting about International Book Giving Day.

Beth Ann shared yesterday’s post and was entered into the giveaway and won some of my handcrafted bead bracelets.

Congratulations, Beth Ann!

Adorable Ceramic Kittens

And now, I proudly present my third giveaway…Four little kittens!

I can hardly wait to post about West Side Antiques on Monday, when I give away four adorable meow-meows from the shop!

Tami and Jack, owners of the eclectic hideaway on Fayetteville’s square, generously donated these cute ceramic kits.

I really love the kitten who is playing with the ball of yarn and is looking up in surprise. It almost looks like she’s saying, “Some little girl or boy was playing with me and broke off part of my tail.” But that’s okay…we love her anyway.

Here is your giveaway challenge, and you have the whole weekend to do it. Everyone who gets the answers right will have their name put into a random drawing. And get to take home the 4 little kittens!

Official Rules:

1. You must be 18 years or older and live in the US or Canada (excluding Quebec)
2. No purchase necessary.
3. Immediate family members may not participate. Sorry!
4. Go to the “Search” area at the top right of this page to find the answers for the trivia questions.
5. Contest ends by at 9 CST on Monday morning.
6. You must answer all trivia questions correctly.
5. Void in states or countries where prohibited. Trivia!

  1. What is the name of the unincorporated small town where I grew up? (Not the nickname that I called it when I first started blogging — back when I was paranoid about privacy.)
  2. Why did the night watchman start blowing the sawmill whistle in the middle of the night when I was a little girl?
  3. Our small creek ran into what Alabama river?
  4. What family business was our home built on to?
  5. What is Happy Pony Day?

    Meow, meow! You can win all 4 of us if you answer the trivia questions.

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