West Side Antiques & Cute Kitten Giveaway

Giveaway:  Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page. In the comment section, name one thing that you see that you’d like to buy from West Side Antiques if you could.

In a brick hideaway on the Courthouse Square in Fayetteville, Tennessee is a fascinating shop they buy, sells, and trades antiques, militaria, upcycled & vintage merchandise, and anything else you can imagine.

Walk right on in, and the aroma of hot-buttered (complimentary!!) popcorn greets you at the door.

Jack and Tami Miller, owners of West Side Antiques, will be glad to give you some right off. Or maybe you’re too drawn in to the shopping experience to think of your belly.

Jack Miller, talking with customers and serving up good ol’ southern popcorn.

“I’m a collector of all things military,” Jack told me when I asked how he and his wife got started with West Side Antiques. “I started when I was six!”
He started selling at military shows as a vendor thirty years ago, or so and moved on to a Fayetteville antique mall about ten years ago. Later, the couple bought the building in its current location and worked feverishly to open in time for Fayetteville’s annual Host of Christmas Past. That was 2014.

WSA – Tons of historic military items.

“It’s a lot of fun, being a merchant on the Square in Fayetteville,” said Jack, who was surprised when people told him that he would sell to tourists. But the couple put out a spiral notebook for visitors, and the first people to sign it were from Hillsdale, Ontario, Canada. The same day, Tami and Jack had visitors from North Dakota.

Jack said, “Since then, we’ve had 27 countries, 49 states, Washington D.C…they’re from everywhere! Cuba, Africa, Australia, Slovakia…It’s been really interesting seeing where they come from, why they’re here, and it’s a lot of fun.”

Jack compared the shop to a pawn store in that people come in all the time looking to trade items such as a World War II, P51 Mustang gun sight that Jack bought from a gentleman.

“I’m like, ‘How did you find that?’ You just never know what people are going to walk in the door with.”

For more information, visit West Side Antiques here or on Facebook. They are on the Tennessee Antique Trail. They plan to open up an eBay store soon. Yay!!!!!

West Side Antiques
115 Main Ave S
Fayetteville, Tennessee
Call (931) 251-3109

Open 10-5 M-Sat

Now for the contest!

I am re-contesting these adorable kits from West Side Antiques.

All you have to do is follow the rules and answer this question in the comments, below:

Giveaway: Name one thing that you’d like to buy from West Side Antiques if you could.





Official Rules:

  1. You must be 18 years or older and live in the US or Canada (excluding Quebec)
  2. No purchase necessary.
  3. My immediate family members may not participate. Sorry!
  4. Contest ends by at 10 CST on Wednesday morning.
  5. Void in states or countries where prohibited.
  6. Winner of all 4 kittens will be selected by random drawing from participants in Comments section of blog.
  7. Note: West Side Antiques donated the 4 ceramic kittens in return for a blog post on www.sweetgumlife.com.
  8. Please tell Tami & Jack “hello” for me when you go to visit West Side Antiques.


Copyright 2017 by Stephanie L. Robertson and www.sweetgumlife.com.

Old weaving loom.


Mr. and Mrs.


Carousel horse with Steph-selfie.


Lifton Pitcher


Sweet card from service son to mom.


Lots of old tools, from the 1820’s and forward!

Could this be the spindle that pricked Aurora’s fingertip?

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    • I also like the doll. My aunt had one that looked kind of like the one at West Side Antiques. She was a “lady” doll rather than a baby doll, and I used to play with her all the time when I visited my gramma’s.

    • Hi Christie,

      It’s funny that you should mention it…

      I was talking to my mom yesterday, and she said, “I’ll bet you’d like that horse.” And I said, “Yes!!!”

      Isn’t it gorgeous?!

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