Will You be Remembered Long after You’ve Gone?

Long Ago Greeting
By guest blogger, A. Lindsey Mitchell

You don’t remember me…remember me…remember me,
But how could you…I have been here since 1884,
Underneath the old tree beside Daniel…

Remember Daniel…remember Daniel…remember Daniel…
He has been here since 1840,
Underneath the old tree.

No one comes anymore…anymore…anymore…

But the squirrels and the birds,
And the fat yellow cat.
We had a cat in Belfast who looked like that…
Looked like that…looked like that.

Mary Ann and John played with that cat…
Played with that cat…played with that cat.
Come and see…come and see…come and see…
I’m waiting beneath the old tree…
Beneath the old tree…beneath the old tree.


Your devoted grandmother,



Note from Stephanie…

In the 1800’s, my something-great-grandparents, Daniel and Jane, took an ocean voyage from Belfast, Ireland to the Port of Charleston in South Carolina. They settled in Choctaw County, Mississippi where Daniel is buried.

Jane is buried somewhere in South Carolina.

The writer of Long Ago Greeting wrote her verse from Jane’s point-of-view. Mrs. Mitchell took all of the photos from an overgrown grave in Tennessee. Could Jane’s South Carolina grave be forgotten as well?

“No, dear Great-something Grandmother. You are being remembered today.”

About the guest blogger.

A. Lindsey Mitchell received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at the University of Alabama in the 1960’s. She has a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Livingston University.

She taught elementary school and Kindergarten for 32 years and has published articles for Instructor, Ladies’ Circle, the Mobile Press Register, and Christian Woman, to name a few.

Along with several other articles, Mrs. Mitchell is working on a book about her and her husband’s travels to Alaska.

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