Favorite Photo Contest!

Cristen Smith, courtesy of her husband.

Vote on your favorite photo and the family whose photo gets the most comment votes (tallied Friday at 5 p.m. CST) will win a prize!

We all seemed to have so much fun looking at Cristen Smith’s photos that Cristen and I decided to run a contest for the favorite photo! We will include previous comments, so you don’t have to vote twice.

Here are the photo selections, all from Fireflies Photography by Cristen Smith:


Senior girl with desk.

Lil Miss

“They’ll wash!”

Brown-eyed girl.



Beagle & Boy



The prize from Stoneridge Homes:

Red metal home décor from Stoneridge Homes.

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  1. I think the brown-eyed girl should go into television. She has got that “star quality” that comes right through the photo. 🙂

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