What have you done?


Stephanie, the Riveter

One of my buds posted this on Facebook, so I decided that it would be fun to blog post it. Of course, I added a few fun things and took away some others.

Be sure to copy and paste your list in the Comments section. Even if you only list one or two, I think it will be fun to get to know you better, Dear Readers!

Shot a gun: Yes. Of course, it backfired–which wasn’t very fun. My brother and I went squirrel hunting with my dad once. I used to go “hunting” with my younger bro, but he would go shoot at stuff while I stayed in the hunting shed, reading a good book, drinking Coke, and snacking on pop-corn from our store.

Quit a job:  Yes, I quit McDonald’s after only about 2 weeks. I was awful with the “fast” part of fast food and incredibly bored. I think everyone should work fast-food at least once in their life to be able to appreciate just about anything else!

100+miles in a car:  Oh, yes. When we were teens,our parents took us on a road trip from Jachin, Alabama (home) to as far as Carlsbad Caverns.

Rode in a helicopter:  Yes, a Chinook, actually! It wasn’t “for my job” but it was like a joy ride at my job. We flew from Huntsville International Airport to a military base in Anniston.

Been in a wedding: Yes, ours. Replete with my big, white dress!

Watched someone give birth: No, but I’ve given birth!

Watched someone dying: Oh, how awful!!! No.

Been to an NFL game: No, but I’d like to. We’re more of college football fans in Alabama.

Ridden in an ambulance- No! How awful!

Visited Washington D.C: No, and how embarrassing, considering how politically passionate I am. It’s def on my bucket list. I esp want to visit the Smithsonian.

Visited Florida: Yes, and often. Love going to the panhandle beaches.

Visited Colorado: Yes! Loved it!

Visited Mexico: Yes, on that trip to Carlsbad we visited Juarez–can you believe it? It was safer back then. It was also where I first rode in a taxi cab.<br class=”blank” /><br class=”blank” />

Been downhill skiing: Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak. I won’t say that I was good at it.

Ability to read music: Yes, but I’m a slow sight-reader. I’m determined to get better.

Rode a horse:  Yes, and often. I miss it so terribly. I don’t just want to ride in a circle. I want it to go fast!

Driven a stick shift: Yes; my 1985 Chevy Nova. Oh, how I miss it. Sometimes I put my hand on my gear shift now and remember how fun they were to drive and how challenging they were to learn the trick. My dad’s first cousin, Frank, clued me in that I could work the brake and clutch at the same time. After that, I never had a problem. And I could parallel park that puppy like a pro.

Eaten escargot: Oh, yummmm! Had them on a cruise.

Seen a UFO: Many times. Lefty, my husband, explains to me that it’s my mother ship.

Been on a Cruise:  Yes, per one of my previous answers. It wasn’t that fun. We went on one when the beach was covered in oil and all of the environmentalists were saying that we would never enjoy the beach again. So we took a cruise. We would all much prefer being on the beach with our boogie boards. When we go, we are there to play and not to just lie there with a book…sharks, not-with-standing.

Run out of Gas: What have I not done to mess up my car. Ran out of gas. Locked the keys in, locked a baby therein, left the lights on too long, flat tires in abundance…Most of that happened in college, and I learned from those mistakes. Not the part about the baby…I had her much later.

Seen a Ghost: Of course. I see dead people.

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  1. Rafted the Colorado: Yes. Finally talked my husband into doing this! EXCITING! FUN! You’re NEVER 2 old…

    Lost my car keys: No! I cling to them like they are the last syllable of recorded time.

    Lost my purse: Once, in KFC, but it was still there. When we get in the car, I’ll ask hubby, “Is my purse in the back seat?” Poor man. He never tires of looking and saying, “Yes”.

    Fainted: No. I did get VERY woozy at a field day in High School when I was a young teenager. There was one water fountain, and a long line. An older girl realized I was in trouble and took me to the front of the line. Bless her.

    Introduced my boyfriend using another boy’s name: No, but my sister did!

    Flown in a helicopter: Yes, years ago at the state fair.

    Flown into the bush on a small plane: Yes. Wow! It is beautiful looking down a God’s beautiful world!

    Chased a moose in a row boat: Yes, but not too close.

    Rode on a motorcycle: Yes, in college.

    Totaled my car: Yes. The axle broke on my VW/ It only turned over 7 times. Poor little mashed red bug!

    Asked the nurse to let me close my eyes before seeing the needle: YES! Hundreds of times! When they ask, “Have your had your flu shot?” I quietly say, “No”. They look at me like a have done something very, very unwise. MY flu shot? I wonder where it is…

    Giggled in church: At least 40 years ago. I’ll never tell. Anyway, if the preached hadn’t said what he did…

    • I can’t believe there are stories I haven’t heard yet, Mom!

      My favorite: Lost my car keys: No! I cling to them like they are the last syllable of recorded time.

      And you flew into the Bush? Australia?

      I want us to raft the Colorado, too. “You’re never to old…” is my mantra. Good-o for you!!

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