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My Lovely Garden

You’ll just love what I’ve done with the plants I bought the other day!

Here it is, Everyone…(drum roll)……

My garden at Sweetgum House!

Okay. That’s not entirely true.

I ‘fess…Actually not true at all.

All of these fantastic flowers/herbs are at the Huntsville Botanical Garden!

And that is the real, true truth.



Namability. It’s a word I just made up that is relevant to expectant parents. As in, how does the name that you choose for your child rank on the namability scale? It can be one of the most important decisions that you and your spouse make and should probably be considered along with your research… Continue Reading

Another Hollywood Life Snuffed Out

This past weekend, the life of another Hollywood star was snuffed out. This time it was the life of Erin Moran who was Richie Cunningham’s kid sister on Happy Days and Joanie on the spin-off, Joanie Loves Chachi. Although I never was allowed to watch either of the shows because I was a kid, I… Continue Reading

Gardening Galore!

As promised, I’m posting all the plants that I bought at Bennett’s Nursery . I love working with herbs. I like to have them around for their scent, their looks, and I like cooking with the real deal. I could have cried (really, I promise you that I nearly did!) when I found out that… Continue Reading

A Beleaguered Cottage Garden

  Hi Everyone! Spring is upon us, which has put me into the gardening mood. I’m looking forward to decking out our “new” house with all sorts of blossoms and a little cottage garden. Lefty and I joke all the time about how our grandparents’ gardens and garden knowledge would put ours to shame. I… Continue Reading

Keeping it Kind

When I read about Jesus in the Bible, I see Someone who is kind. Jesus hung out with people who were different from Himself: cheating tax collectors, prostitutes, different races, the outcasts. There’s so much shouting going on in our country right now. People seem to want to have their voices heard so much that… Continue Reading

Just Back and Recovering

Hi, Dear Readers, I just got back from a trip to Orlando. Exhausted, but had fun. I’ll try to post something new within the week. In other news, I’m working on my somewhat-Gothic suspense novel again–after putting it aside for over a year! Best regards, Stephanie Continue Reading