A Beleaguered Cottage Garden


Spike and Snuggles are ready for garden guard…maybe.

Hi Everyone!

Spring is upon us, which has put me into the gardening mood.

I’m looking forward to decking out our “new” house with all sorts of blossoms and a little cottage garden.

Lefty and I joke all the time about how our grandparents’ gardens and garden knowledge would put ours to shame.

I don’t know about you, but both sets of grandparents had huge vegetable gardens. They planted squash, peas, rows of corn, potatoes, beans, and everything else you can think of.


Frame of garden, staked to the ground with wood from the forest.

I plan to plant pots of herbs (so they’ll be near the kitchen), tomatoes, spinach, and I’ve even thought about trying to plant a couple of stalks of corn.

Dear Grandparents,

If you look down and see my garden, please don’t laugh!


Your Stephanie

Here’s the kicker…

We dug out a garden outside of the fence so Spike (our digging black Lab) wouldn’t try to dig it back up. The other day, I was working on it, and I realized how ignorant I am: We dug the thing at the edge of the woods, where all sorts of critters can come and enjoy the feast.

I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Hopefully, Spike and Snuggles will keep smugglers out of it!

Spike wants out!

6 Responses to A Beleaguered Cottage Garden

  1. A lot of hard work & maintenance go into a successful garden. I wish you a healthy, happy green thumb & will take anything you have too much of once it gets going.?
    When your done planting come on over & help me with mine. Fun, fun, fun!

    • Great idea!

      Girl, you need to go check out those plants that grow between rock crevices. I don’t remember what they’re called, but they would be perfect for your back yard.

    • I’m about to post what I got at Bennett’s and at Lowes. If you haven’t been by to visit, definitely go. You and your family would love Bennett’s!

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