Gardening Galore!

Bee Balm

As promised, I’m posting all the plants that I bought at Bennett’s Nursery .

Bennett’s serves free drinks every day and free barbecue on weekends!

I love working with herbs. I like to have them around for their scent, their looks, and I like cooking with the real deal.

Varigated Lemon Thyme

I could have cried (really, I promise you that I nearly did!) when I found out that I’d missed the Huntsville Botanical Garden Spring Sale by one week! But I was comforted by a local Master Gardener that told me that Athens, Madison, and Morgan County all had similar sales. (Just not as big? Athens’ was kind of small, but the Madison Garden Club has one on April 29th.)

Rows of roses.

Sweet Marjoram

Yummy strawberries!

The 13 or more greenhouses and the train offers a great trip for homeschooled kids.

I love lantana!

There’s a whole greenhouse dedicated to different types of geraniums.

Bright red geraniums.

Can’t get enough of their roses.

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