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Calling all States in the United States!

I’m intensely loyal to to the United States of America. That may be why I get all excited to see readers from all over in my Stats. Or maybe it’s just because I would like to travel to every state in the union and this is the only way I know how at this point in my life.

As a big goal-setter for Sweetgum Life, I’d like to gain readership from all over the USA.

Here is a list of the only states whose residents haven’t interacted with me so far at


Alaska Colorado Connecticut
Idaho Kansas Maine
Nevada New Hampshire North Dakota
Rhode Island Vermont Washington

Hey, c’mon guys! Give me a shout-out from your state!


Remembering the Fallen on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a bitter sweet holiday. While we enjoy the time off, the holiday is for honoring the memory of soldiers who have lost their lives in serving our country. It became an official holiday in 1971 after President Johnson signed it into being in 1968. Source: “Greater love has no one than… Continue Reading

A Short Suspense Story–The Black Box (Part I and II)

The Black Box By: Stephanie L. Robertson Part I I felt the delicate gold chain slide between my right thumb and my index finger. It felt cool in my palm. Whether it was really gold or not was inconsequential because the pads on my fingers began to tingle. The shapeless woman who had been standing… Continue Reading

Remembering to be Kind

It’s nasty up in Washington, D.C. There are peeps in high places who are trying to destroy each other. They’re more concerned with selfish ambition than the greater good of the people of the United States of America and the world. I won’t name names. I get so frustrated some times! But here’s the thing…… Continue Reading

Excellent Kid Party this Weekend!

Hi Everyone! I am getting ready for a big birthday party this weekend! It’s the first big party in our new house. Here’s the funny thing: I put little thought and little planning into this party for Princess Buttercup. She send out texts to her buddies, and there’s no telling how many will show up.… Continue Reading

A Short Suspense Story–The Black Box

Hi Everyone, I’ve decided to do something a little differently today and write a short story or novella. If you like suspense, estate sales, and the south, you may just like this one! The Black Box By: Stephanie L. Robertson I felt the delicate gold chain slide between my right thumb and my index finger.… Continue Reading

The It Girl

  You know who I’m talking about. You see her on Facebook or on the magazine covers in the store. She’s the It girl, and she has it all together. She’s the one with the ‘hundred-watt smile. Her kids are always happy and clean, and her husband adores her. Maybe she’s online plugging their trip to… Continue Reading

Happy Mother’s Day and a Trip to University Pickers and Lowe Mill

Happy Mother’s Day, dear Readers! And Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom!!! On a pre-Mom’s Day trip, I took myself to University Pickers and Lowe Mill. University Pickers is this amazing vintage store in Huntsville. They have everything from painted furniture, to jewelry, to…you guessed it–Mother’s Day gifts! I met the nicest lady named Josie… Continue Reading

The Spring Band Concert

It was a wonderful, creative, crazy idea. It was a fun idea. It was a scary idea. Princess Buttercup’s band directory wanted the kids to teach their parents how to play the kids’ instruments for a segment in the Spring Band Concert. I had never played clarinet in my life, but I play the flute. Lefty, bless his… Continue Reading

Cracks in the Heart

The other day, I got in my car and noticed that there was a crack in my windshield. “Ah, nuts,” I thought and drove on my merry way. But when I told Lefty, he said that he didn’t want me to drive the car until we get it fixed. That put my mobility to a… Continue Reading